Surprised faces of 250 adorable children

reacting to the sound of an electric guitar

11 days, 7 events, 10,000 in attendance.
Children are our best hope to make the world better

Initiating audience to diverse styles of music and donating guitars to amazing children

Presenting the benefits of learning to play music to a multi-cultural audience

Initiating audience of 500 to guitar playing and making instrument donations

Having fun learning to sing Artist JAYE's "Sharing Music Unites Us" song in class

Some of the students who inspire Artist JAYE

Another donation with happy children

Visiting a school for a surprise donation

A few pictures...

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Special events & donations for the children

School principals, teachers, diverse organizations, and key members of the community

collaborate with Artist JAYE and his team to find children experiencincing severe life challenges.

The benefits of owning an instrument and learning to play music through Artist JAYE's program is a total life-changer for them…it gives them something to smile about, and provides them with an opportunity to develop personal skills that translate into many other areas of their lives.

Careful consideration is placed in selecting the children who will benefit the most from the donated instruments and the mentoring provided to them.