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lessons for all levels and all ages 

My wish is for your musical journey to be as empowering, joyful, life-saving and

gratifying as mine has been, and even more, if that's even possible!


'Always play from the heart'

-  Jaye  -

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Playing music at the highest level and empowering others to access their innate creative abilities through music, are by far my two biggest passions.

To ensure my students become autonomous, I teach them not only about the notes played, but more importantly, about what goes on in the mind of a pro musician, behind the notes being played.

As a result, my students gain a deep understanding of how to play music in far less time than the hundreds of conventional guitar teaching approaches I have been exposed to throughout my career.

Learning to speak the language of guitar is a deeply empowering journey that pushes us to optimize the synergy of our mental and physical capacities in an unparalleled manner.

The passion I feel for what I do is stronger today than it has ever been.

It is not uncommon to hear my students say things such as “Jaye, in 5 months I learned much more with you than I ever did in 5 years with other methods!”.

If you are serious about wanting to play guitar, and whether it is for a hobby, for musical therapy, for a career choice, or simply for a fun escape, come take a look for yourself....just make sure you bring your passion.

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