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Guitar Educator (for Beginners, Advanced, Pro), musician, composer, producer, singer, and founder of the Sharing Music Unites Us™ cause, Artist JAYE is an award-winning Canadian artist and renowned guitar coach who teaches in 5 languages locally (coast to coast), across the U.S., Europe, and select countries worldwide. 

Jaye is an international artist for PRS Guitars.  Music is his gift that he shares from the heart.

He's known for his revolutionary teaching approach, live performances, and for studio sessions that exhibit his on point tones, attack, phrasing, melodic ideas, improvisations, grooves, and captivating solos.

JAYE performs Diverse Styles of music and teaches people of all ages (5 to 82 years old).  His Guitar Lessons are offered In-Studio and Online (coast to coast and worldwide).

An accomplished educator and musician, who composes, produces, sings, and records music from its creation to its delivery, JAYE’s sound favours rhythm that swings, technical yet deeply soulful melodic lines, and the pronounced use of space between notes. 

The Custom 24 guitar (by PRS) is his instrument of choice.

About Artist JAYE
(The Guitar Warrior)

"PRS sets the industry standard in guitar building excellence and remains focused on pushing the quality, playability, and tonal balance of their instruments further every year" - JAYE 

Artist JAYE Guitar Lessons (Online & In-Studio)
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