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frequently asked questions

Which musical styles will I learn about  ?

All styles of music you enjoy, with special focus on your favorite.


Does Jaye accept students of all levels ?

Yes, from complete beginner to professional level. Specific days are reserved for every level (In-Studio or Online lessons), and for several geographic areas (Please view the Weekly Schedule).


Does Jaye teach students online from around the world ?

Yes, International students and students across Canada receive Jaye's teachings 1-on-1 through Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc.


Can local students choose between in-person or online lessons ?

Yes, local students receive Jaye's teachings through either method.  Both are equally effective due to his experience and unique approach.


When is a good time to start playing music, and when is it too late ?

Jaye's students range from 5 years old to 82 years old and are all making superb progress.  The formula is simple, follow his unique methods, practice, and you willl achieve your goals.


Do I need talent ?

Having superior talent is definitely not a necessity.

All fundamental aspects of music playing are trainable.

Every person possesses unique strengths and unique areas that require special focus.


Does Jaye teach steel string acoustic guitar, nylon string acoustic guitar, and electric guitar ?

Yes, he teaches all types of 6-string guitars and bass guitar as well. Since every student has different musical objectives, it is always preferable to ask him which guitar is best suited for your needs prior to starting lessons.

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