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The Most Beautiful Collective Shift Towards Peace

Possessing the money for war but not for feeding the poor.  An upside down self-serving world driven by greed, power, and the desire to divide and conquer, generation after generation after generation…will we ever beat this?

We must do better,,,
We must do better...

Who is contributing to making life harder? We are. If the majority of us had clearer thoughts, a nobler outlook, softer hearts, more strength, and courage to look less towards our own benefit and to look more towards the well-being of others…would we not make life more peaceful and easier for each other in our daily lives within each of our circles, leading to a better chance at peace collectively for the world?  We’re doing this to ourselves and we’re contributing to reducing the chance for peace in our very own existence. Humanity is having trouble keeping it together. What’s the solution? Should each person continue to think of themselves as kings or queens who make their own moral judgment as to what is good and acceptable versus what is wrongful?  Is that really working for us? Answer: Obviously not, this approach has brought immense turmoil for generations because a person or a group with a lower level of moral judgement can cause severe harm to others while thinking they’re doing nothing wrong. So what can we do to make things better? No matter one’s spiritual belief or non-belief, rather than each of us walking around making up our own set of rules to suit our shortcomings in the attempt to convince ourselves that we’re adequately benevolent, how about we humble ourselves and face the fact that each of us has drastically failed in applying 5 very basic, and exceptionally key, principles in our very own lives:

1) Do not kill neither physically nor with words

2) Do not steal anything

3) Do not ever lie, nor tell small lies, and no white lies either

4) Do not be jealous and desperate to have what someone else has

5) Love your neighbour (ie: love people and treat them with kindness)

If only world conflicts could be resolved via guitar-playing battles
If only world conflicts could be resolved via guitar-playing battles

Not a single person on this planet can argue the fact that these 5 guidelines would make life easier and more real in our daily personal interactions, making our experiences with others saner, and benefitting from having less headaches, heartaches, confusion, misunderstandings, and conflict.

Why are we failing to see this for what it is, and why are we unable to apply it? Because there is just too much evil out there, and we fall prey to accepting it as a ‘so-called’ part of life.  We throw our hands in the air and say things like “oh well, that’s the world, and that’s life, everyone else is behaving this way, it is what it is”….but when this way of thinking becomes a habit, we become desensitized, and it becomes dangerously acceptable to function unconsciously every day, leading one to believe it’s ok to do nothing other than to just observe, or to just make comments. The outcome is suffering not only for others, but for oneself as well.  In the meantime, each of us convinces themselves, to various degrees, that we’re not doing anything wrong because each believes to be a genuinely good person… yet we’re basically excusing our laziness in the development of our morals, and hence excusing ourselves for not applying basic principles in our lives.  Is that what constitutes being a truly good person on this planet? Is that the honourable, strong, and courageous way to be?  How can one feel genuinely fulfilled knowing they are failing at the most basic 5 principles, then lazily accept that it’s ok to not apply them to one’s own life?

The impact of this manifests on a global scale. Where do leaders arise? From our own populations.  If each of us is lazy in our moral development, then our population as a whole will have lower moral judgement…so why should we expect the leaders that emanate directly from our populations to not have lower, self-serving, moral judgement as well?  The destruction that many political leaders are causing in the world is the result of our choice to accept our own poor self-programming. What’s the key? You are the key, and, every one of us is as well. Given the current state of the world, if one is not part of the solution, then one is part of the problem…there is no longer room for sitting on the sidelines and not working at being more noble, humble, and honourable…each of us is part of the whole, and the whole cannot be fixed if each of us does not care, nor make consistent effort, to do better. So before we set the bar incredibly high thinking humans can handle a million set of rules, regulations, laws, beliefs etc…why don’t we agree on just these 5 principles being unacceptable in each of our lives on a daily basis, and in every moment moving forward?

A weapon that brings peace
A weapon that brings peace

This is not about belonging to a religious group or having religious beliefs, if you prefer, just consider them as 5 well thought out powerful thoughts for humanity…they are 5 guidelines that not a single sane person on this planet can say wouldn’t make each of our lives better. But they need to be applied, not just thought of, not just simply shared.

I have faith that the majority of us would want that, but that we are unfortunately deeply misguided.

There is no quick fix, the world has tried and failed repeatedly with superficial band aid solutions such as war…it's time we realize that we have to grind this self-development thing out, individually, in order to benefit the collectivity…you, me, and each of us can ignite the most beautiful shift towards peace the world has ever seen. We can do it right now, it’s a choice. Sitting on the sidelines and observing is no longer an option.  It’s up to each of us to take ownership, and, as a deeply peaceful, strong, and courageous man once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”….I would add two words to that statement...”begin now”.

________________________________________ Article written by Artist JAYE "The Guitar Warrior" Guitar Coach | Musicologist |Humanitarian

Artist JAYE
Artist JAYE

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