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Finding joy, peace, and balance in troubled times...

The current global challenges are generating fear in the hearts of many of us regarding peace, health, connection with others, and what the future holds.

During such troubled times, taking up a fun hobby that can be done in the comfort of our homes brings joy, light, escapism, and a much needed positive balance.

Learning to play an instrument such as the guitar impacts brainwaves. Playing slow tempo music produces similar positive effects on brain activity as meditation, while playing fast tempo music can rev up our energy levels.

It has become unquestionable to me throughout 25+ years in this field that learning to play guitar, the right way and with the right person, is a powerful mood enhancing activity that lowers cortisol levels and hence reduces stress in an unparalleled manner.

It is one of the primary reasons why I choose to continue playing and sharing this joyful gift to this day 🙂. ___________________________________

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